Am I Wrong?

Submarine Sandwich, Sub, Subway


Am I wrong to be shocked?  Am I inappropriate in my discomfort?

I was treating myself to dinner at Subway, when a young man in his late teens or early twenties (replete with ball cap and hoodie) came in to share news with the “sandwich artist.”

It seems the man had just come from accompanying his girlfriend to the hospital to have a scan done of their baby.   Okay, this in itself is not the cause of my shock.  Unwed families have become normative in the 2020s in the UK (over 6 million couples according to  the Office for National Statistics).

No, it is the conversation that followed that was the source of my discomfort.  The couple did not want to know the biological sex of the baby.  On hearing this the Subway worker asked if they had picked a name yet.   The response was that if it is a girl they want to name her Billie.  “And if it’s a boy?” the sandwich maker asked.  The reply made without a hint of jest or intended humour was “Lucifer.”  This then led to the pair discussing the benefits of giving your child a “unique” name.

I return you to my opening questions.



2 thoughts on “Am I Wrong?

  1. Um, while Lucifer has had bad press in the Christian and Judaic faiths, it must be said, his name means Light Bringer. And in a country that is decreasingly even nominally Christian, where the pagan traditions blossom… Light Bringer… Luke Skywalker, even

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  2. i’ve been pondering this all week. as someone pointed out on your FaceBook, Lucifer is the title of a popular television program. i’ve never seen it, but the promos show a hot guy in very expensive clothes. i suspect if he looked like max schreck in nosferatu, the name would not have caught on.

    i guess it’s reasonable to expect that the expectant parents know the name’s christian background, though. we don’t have religious education in the US, so i think if that same conversation happened in my local subway, the name might just be something that’s like Christopher, but cooler. :-/

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