Phillip Wyant 2020 Nebulosity

The initial excitement at the discovery of new nebulae quickly became more subdued at NASA as more data flowed in.  For now, officials were not going to interfere with the media’s coverage of what might be a “new star” being born, in cosmological terms – “next door” to us.

What was not being said, and in fact what was classified as TOP SECRET was that the energy signatures within these clouds suggested that they were in some way portals to a more distant point within the galaxy.   There had been periodic blips in the readings which were becoming more frequent.

Similar analysis in Moscow and Beijing had the key world leaders “on speed dial” as it seemed only a matter of time before gateways would permanently open.  Only then would we know if we could expect a visitation.

(143 words)


Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: 2020: Week #10


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