For some they’re treasure –

For others trash –

For the seller  –

They’re ready cash


Spread on a table, or upon a sheet

You would amazed by the bargains sweet.

You never know what you might find –

Like a first edition – by the author signed.


So whether yard sale,  car boot,  or bazaar

Have loose change ready –

Be it Dollars, Euros,

Pounds or Dinar




Friday March 6, 2020 Writing Prompt Inspiration Call: Yard Sale Finds



4 thoughts on “Finds

  1. Hi! I’m new to your blog and am enjoying what I’ve read so far! Now I’m going to presume on things a bit, but you can credit Teresa (Teresa Grabs) for the following. She suggested you might like to take up the next segment in her latest
    “Finish The Story” endeavor!

    Here’s the link to her original post:

    and here’s where it was left off by me:

    I hope you can participate and that you don’t find my request too strange! Thank you either way! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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