A Dream Uncaptured

I have a dream which is recurring.  The repeated theme seems to centre around educational establishments, which may be understandable as that is the world in which I work.  What is less certain is why they vary in venue and attainment level.  Some are based on high school, while others are set at university.  The high school setting is always the same one, with what are now to me familiar corridors, and American style wall lockers.  This school, however, is not one in which I have ever actually attended or taught.  Sometimes in the course of the dream, the school with morph into a university classroom or lecture theatre.  This too is interesting as I have attended nearly a dozen institutions of higher learning, yet the venue is not one at which I have studied.

These dreams have two consistent features beyond the recurring nature.  The first is that there is always an assignment due, which I must add that I invariably have in hand.  The second is that I am always lost, or delayed in arriving to turn it in.

The anxiety of the dream is not of something uncompleted – I don’t think, as I usually have the task done.  If it is still about an unfulfilled task, it might only apply as it seems that I am perpetually a student.  This is despite the fact that I am not presently a student, and I hold six degrees plus a few other qualifications.  So is the issue that I don’t know my purpose, so I wander to find the place to submit the fruits of my labours?  Well, in short, I don’t know.  Maybe is I can catch the details of this dream and fully remember it, or if I ever find that illusive teacher/professor, then I will know for sure.

Till then it remains a dream uncaptured.


Sunday Writing Prompt “Dreams”

3 thoughts on “A Dream Uncaptured

  1. This was an extremely interesting read. I hope you gain some clarity. I have a few reoccurring dreams myself. I remember I dreamed of a school once. It was very vivid but it wasn’t a place I had been and then years later I actually visited a school identical to the one in my dreams. It was just a random thing and the place has not played a role in my life, so I have always wondered why it mattered so much to my subconscious ha

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  2. One of my recurring dreams is that I’m back at school, sometimes University. In the dreams I’ve suddenly realised I haven’t handed in assignments when they were due. The last one I remember having was that I was at University and I suddenly realised it was the end of the academic year and I hadn’t handed in any essays and I had missed most of my lectures…

    Most of the recurring dreams I hsve are to do with anxiety or the feeling of things left unfinished.

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