Music’s End

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

“Maths and Science, Science and Maths,” had become the Government’s mantra for educational policy.  “Real-world subjects” would prepare young people to help make the nation “Great Again.”

At first it was drama that took the hit.  “Who needs lies and make believe anyway?” The “Culture” Minister argued.

Then Art felt the pinch.  “We don’t need to be encouraging a new generation of “Graffiti Vandals,” the Home Secretary was heard to say.

Music tuition soon followed, as “Bird song and the National Anthem are all we need,” the Education Secretary announced in a press conference.

And so the nation returned to greatness.  A greatness of dull manufacturing jobs, and service industries.  A nation of twelve hour shifts, and radio broadcasts of endless political speeches, and the ubiquitous National Anthem.

From time to time children would stop and inspect the odd metallic frame behind the Technology Department, and wonder what it might have been, as it seemed to have no “useful” purpose.


Sunday Photo Fiction – Mar 8 2020


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