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Angela had been wandering in the foothills for three days.  She was cold, tired, and hungry.  Brother had told her that she had to avoid contact with other people, as that would put the entire family at risk.  It had all happened so quickly.  First they cordoned off her village, and all of the inhabitants were told to remain in their homes until the authorities gave them further instructions.  That was before to food began to run out.  It was then that Father had said that the family would need to leave in the night to find food in the forest.   At first it had gone well, but when voices were heard near a clearing Father and Mother had told the children to stay hidden while they went to investigate.  They never returned, so when night fell Brother led them deeper into the woods.  It was on that night that they became separated in the dark.

Now as she emerged to the crest of a hillside she came face to face with armed soldiers wearing respirators.

Angela immediately raised her arms into the air, and said “Please don’t shoot.  I am only eight, and I don’t have a cough.”

(199 words)


Sign of things to come?





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