But Not on a Windy Day

Peasant, Farmer, Farmer Romania, Botiza


Old Ferdy Cooke had been farming Buck Hollow as far back as anyone could remember.  He was a man of opinions, and when folks would call around, he would always state his mind on whatever the topic of interest was for the day.  This could be politics, religion, crop prices, or even the coming weather.  You see Ferdinand Tyler Cooke was an expert on right near everything.

The only problem was that no matter what his view on a topic today, it might not be quite how he might mind it tomorrow.  You see, Ferdy might never yield a point during the righteous execution of his pontificating, but that didn’t mean he stuck to his guns longer than the debate itself lasted.  In fact, what he had heard last might rightly be what he “had ever held true” tomorrow.  Old Cooke was in the end lacking any real backbone, and would bend this way or that with every changing breeze.


FOWC with Fandango — Bend

Tale Weaver – #266 – Backbone

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