Love’s A Funny Thing

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I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.  It’s the way of things, isn’t it?  Boy meets girl, and boy and girl fall in love.  Then things happen, whether it is conflicting interests, or “greener grass” next door.  They move apart, and one or the other is heart-broken and will “never love again.”  Before you know it – Well – girl meets boy, and the world goes on.  So why should I be any different?  After all, I write novels, my trade is to pen such convoluted stories.  But to be honest, I write them because I think something is missing in me.  So when it, love that is,  actually “happens” in real life and not on the page, it’s kind of disconcerting.  Love, and life for that matter, is quite a funny thing that way.  It seems full of surprises.

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Written for d’Verse Prosery: Surprised or Not Prompt: “I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.”

12 thoughts on “Love’s A Funny Thing

  1. If there weren’t surprises things would get pretty calm, some might say boring. You make a good point about vicarious excitement through writing (and reading); reality is a whole other twisty biscuit.

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  2. I get your drift – it’s easier to write about love than experience it, because in life we don’t know how things will turn out – in a story we do. While we say we like surprises, they are more often than not what we imagined. But then, life would be boring if everything turned out the way we thought it would, if we all stayed in one relationship for life.

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