Toilet Paper, Paper, The Tape


“Sorry, I’m late,” the delivery driver said.   “The new security regime has put me behind schedule.”

“Security regime?” I queried.

“There are new rules about unattended delivery vans.  I have to stop and lock the van between every tray I take to a house.  It’s a real nuisance, especially for big orders,” the driver explained.

“Why? You are parked just down at the curb,” I observed.

“It’s to stop people stealing loo roll (toilet paper) off the grocery vans.  It’s getting to be a problem.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that.  It almost makes being in lock down worth it if that’s what is happening “out there.”



Inspiration Call: Stranger Conversations Start the first line of your poem with a word or phrase from a recent passing conversation between you and someone you don’t know.

This is a true story by the way.

2 thoughts on “Delivery

  1. While I feel for those who’ve been working in the caring professions and thus unable to get to the shops before the precious supply disappears, I yell very loudly at those inconsiderate morons who think only of how many rolls they can sneak out beneath the noses of those more in need. It is appalling.

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