Terms and Conditions Apply



While beach-combing one day, I came across a rather battered, and tarnished oil lamp.  While I cleaning away some sand and seaweed, there was a whoosh-sound as a D’jinn materialised from the lamp.

“Oh Master, you have freed me from the curse of the lamp.  Now you will receive three . . . , ” the apparition began.

“Yada. Yada. Yada,” I interrupted. “I know the drill. . . .”

The D’jinn looked on quite confused as I continued, “. . . First, I want a complete list of terms and conditions, including explanations of all the small print.  These will include an exhaustive explanation of all probable consequences and repercussions, as well as a cost benefit appraisal.”

“Um, ah, hmmm,” the D’jinn muttered dumbfounded.

“Secondly,” I proceeded, “I would like an expert team of lawyers: local, international, and mystic, and in sufficient numbers to thoroughly examine the document provided in accordance with the aforementioned wish number one, to analyse and summarise the document within a time period not to exceed five years on the current agreed calendar.”

“Ahh,” the D’jinn gasped as I continued.

“The third wish I will defer to a later date while the above mentioned stipulations are scrutinised.”

“I hate Union officials,” the D’jinn said under his breath. “Yes Master, as you wish,” he said returning to the lamp.


Sunday Writing Prompt “Make a Wish”


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