Sloppy Tortilla Chips

When I had my grocery delivery a couple of weeks ago, the company had to make several substitutions.  It is interesting that both my requested kidney beans, and refried beans were replaced by kid-style spaghetti rings in tomato sauce.  The present shortages brought about by panic buying necessitated me not refusing the proffered replacements. The planned meal was to have either a bean taco salad type meal or a nachos dish with melted cheese.   Now a fortnight on I was in the place of making a meal from them, and it ended up being what I am sure will not be the last Corona-necessitated fusion dish.  I therefore offer you, for your dining pleasure Sloppy Tortilla Chips or probably more accurately Tortilla Slop.  It was actually quite tasty by the way.

It makes 3 servings of about 440 calories each, or two large servings at about 660.


  • Tortilla Chips 200 g bag (I was brought plain ones)
  • Spaghetti Hoops 400 g tin
  • Chili Powder 2 tsp (mild or medium)
  • Jalapenos Approximately 5 sliced
  • Black Olive Slices (optional) 1 Tbs (drained)
  • Salsa 150 g (mild or medium)



Break the tortilla chips up into a large glass or ceramic bowl.  Do not crumble but make pieces so they can easily be eaten by spoon.  In a separate microwaveable bowl mix the spaghetti and chili powder and heat on high in microwave for one minute.  Pour the “spaghetti chili” over the chips and mix lightly.  Place this back in the microwave for an additional minute.  Remove and stir in the remaining items until everything is well mixed.



Oh, from the culinary heights we have fallen.


5 thoughts on “Sloppy Tortilla Chips

  1. So imaginative! I have used chili as a topping for spaghetti (it makes a great sauce in my opinion and one can add some tomato paste or sauce if one wants a more tomato-y taste). I’ve also put cottage cheese over crumbled Triscuit crackers and that was quite tasty too. Your dish is something I’ll have to try, save it will be made with Ravioli (in a can) rather than Spaghetti-Os. Thank you for sharing that idea! 🙂

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