The New Contract


January MorgueFIle b73d79db023d064c929f24196dc3383c

I had been a rather lean year for Taylor Brothers Gardens and Fencing.  The new contract was going to be a boon for them.  In fact, Jake thought it a good time to bring his son-in-law, Steve on board.

Steve was “between jobs,” and it had been that way ever since Jake had known him.  Oh, there had been a few interviews, but Steve always came back still jobless with phrases like, “It’s a tight economy,” and such on his lips.

“Okay, this is going to be your big chance to prove yourself,” Jake told his new hire.

“What is it exactly that I need to be doing?” his son-in-law inquired.

“Really, simple.  You will go to the address on the front of the file and replace the rotted fence posts and run some new wire.  It really is as easy as that.  You start in the morning, and I will see you on Memorial Day.”

“Memorial Day?” Steve queried.

“You’ll see,” Jake said with a contented smile.  He never did care much for that boy.





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