Master Of All I See

Brown Tabby Cat Sitting on Brown Wooden Stool

Photo by Anderson Martins from Pexels

There is an old joke that explains the difference between dogs and cats.  When you feed a dog, it fawns over you.  It is appreciative.  It thinks, “They have cared for me and provided for my needs.  They must be God.”  A cat on the other hand when you feed it, looks at you condescendingly as if to say, “What took you so long?”  It will then ignore you and eat, all the while thinking “They have honoured me, and laid an offering before me.  I must be God.”

I stand aloof

Master of all I see

None are worthy

All are beneath my dignity

Bow down you minions

Or suffer my disdain and fury



One thought on “Master Of All I See

  1. Very interesting take on the ‘cat’. When I read your post I was reminded of another quote (who said it originally is unknown to me)… “If you think you’re in charge, try ordering someone else’s dog around.” True enough. Dogs are friendly, slobbery, kinda dim witted (some of them), and furry goof balls on an extreme level, but they’re also really really good at knowing who is a ‘bad’ guy and who isn’t. I trust my dogs far more than my own instincts, especially about strangers. Thanks for this bit of lightness to what’s shaping up to be a gray day (emotionally speaking). I appreciate it!

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