Cabin Fever


I remember it like it was yesterday.  Nathan and Carol arrived at their “forest retreat,” as they called me.  It was a bit of a surprise for me, as I usually saw Nathan for fishing weekends, and it was only in the summers that I usually saw them together.  But here they were, “riding out” something they called “the corona.”

I was amazed at how many boxes of canned goods they carried in.  It looked like they were going to be visiting me for quite some time.  And if you went by the amount of toilet roll the brought, it was probably for years!

Well they settled in and the surroundings were filled with the sounds of laughter, television, and the incessant rumbled of the little generator that kept my electricity flowing.

After three weeks the laughter was less prevalent, and after four it was seldom heard at all.  Carol began to complain about “corned beef, tomato soup, and baked beans again.”  Then it happened, the petrol ran out and the internet went down.

What happened next is too horrible to describe.  Sorry, but it’s too unpleasant a memory to continue.




Inspiration Call: Talking Walls What story would the walls in this building tell if they could speak?

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