Once Upon A Time In The Greenwood


“It has been really quiet in the wood of late,” Thorafax the Gnome commented to Adriel the Sprite.

“I saw a dog-walker yesterday,” the Sprite replied.  “It was Brooster, so it had to have been Henry behind the mask with him.”

“I’m sorry I missed it,” Thorafax said.

“What are you two jawing about,” a sullen looking Gnome interrupted.

“Oh,  Hi Androw.  Just discussing how quiet the wood is,” Thorafax replied.

“Does my heart good, it does,” Androw said.  “Even the blasted noise from the roadway has largely gone.  Good riddance, I say.”

Androw had never quite gotten over having the hollow log which surrounded his home being used a seat for some all-night teenage partiers a few years before.  If their racket wasn’t bad enough, the rubbish – bottles and such – that they stuffed into the log had him trapped for hours.  He had eventually dug himself out, but never much cared for Human-folk ever since.

“Well, I kind of miss them,” Adriel said.”

“You Sprites don’t know a thing,” the grump of a Gnome said.  “Your homes are on boughs where they can’t upset them.  No, what would you do if they come by and picked ALL the flowers?  And they will someday, mind.”

“I’d think you were scaremongering again,” The Sprite replied. “Humans aren’t that bad.”

“You daisy-hearts are all alike.  I think we should build a wall or something while they are away.  That would keep the wood safe!” Androw said firmly, then turned and stomped off to his log.


Tale Weaver – #271 – Fairy Tale – What The Fairies Think: Write a story/fairytale in which you explore how they are reacting/coping with their human ‘friends’ being home all the time.


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