Amy’s Food Vlog



“That will be an excellent promotional still for the Vlog advert,” Amy said.

“Yep, I think we look really good, and the setting is perfect.  I think people will flock to your YouTube site,” Rich observed.

“I think you’re right.  That fresh veg will just about sell itself.  It looks so nice.”

“Maybe next time you should wear a slightly darker dress though.  I think it will make the pasta standout more.”

“Do you think?  But I look really good in pastels,” Amy observed.

“You do Babe,  and I know your looks will win no matter what you are wearing. But I was thinking about the die hard foodies, they might want to focus more on the ingredients.

“Okay, I think I see your point.”

“I’m getting kind of hungry,” Rich said.  “Do you have anything for us to eat?”

“Well the spaghetti is cooked.  But I think it will take about an hour for us to make a decent sauce.”

“Yeah, I really can’t be bothered to actually finish it though,” Rich said.

“I cooked the pasta, and you cut the veg already, so it’s a head start.”

“Hmm.  How about KFC?”

“Sounds perfect,” Amy said.  “I don’t think I can be bothered either.”



Inspiration Call: Cooking



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