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The Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare was a writer of fame in his own day, and his legacy lives on in our English tongue.  He brought dozens of words and phrases into the language, and peradventure many may soundeth peculiar to thine ears, but they nonetheless are his legacy.  One of Lord Strange’s Men, he later built his own theatres in London.


A West-Midlands man
Now Thames-bank Global renowned
First among men Strange



A haibun written for d’Verse’s Haibun Monday 4/27/20: A Portrait of Two Masters

10 thoughts on “Bard

  1. Do you know, I’d never really considered the fact that the immortal bard would have had a West Midlands accent! Would have been really strong in those days, too. Generally considered one of the least mellifluous accents – but I love it!

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