Awaiting Fame

Viking Ship, Shipbuilder, Denmark

Image by Jørgen Deleuran from Pixabay 

Einar and Destin shifted the long pine plank into position as Thorbold prepared to rivet it into place.

“Don’t let it slide beyond the mark I made,” the master boat-wright snapped.

“Sorry Thorbold,” the pair said almost in unison.

Destin wasn’t really sure he was “sorry,” after all he had been building clinker ships nearly as long as his brother, Thorbold had.

He would show him one day.  Sooner rather than later, in fact, that he, Destin Olafson could rival the skills of any boat builder in all of the Norse lands.

Just, today was not quite that day.




April 30: Flash Fiction Challenge – In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features long boards.

4 thoughts on “Awaiting Fame

  1. Beautiful boats, weren’t they. Every time I cross Haven Bridge I imagine fleets of these boats sculling upriver to raid the monasteries. The Yare would give access to the Waveney at least as far as Thetford, and to the Bure as far as St Benet’s Abbey or beyond. No Norwich cathedral yet. Perhaps the Wensum would have taken them to North Elmham.

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