To Hear The Voice of God

Temple, Hermitage, Architecture, Tree, House, Lawn


Isolated in his hermitage

The hermit prays alone

Separate from his fellow man

In his home of stone

No daily interruptions

Do his devotions e’re disturb

He ponders the holy writs and texts

But utters not a word

No mortal company does he need

No companions life’s paths with whom to trod

He’s content in his solitary state

As he’s privy to the voice of God




Written for dVerse Poetics – Solitude





8 thoughts on “To Hear The Voice of God

  1. The history of the hermit is fascinating. They obtained this almost mystical air at one point, with the wealthy in the 18th century building hermitages in their pleasure gardens and placing a ‘hermit’ within them to greet guests.

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  2. As poets, many of us feel privy to the music of the spheres, plugged in to AllThatIs, fueled by the kundalini flow of the universal energy stanchions. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. Another peaceful poem. Although I am not religious, I prefer spiritual, I understand how people are attracted to the life of a hermit. He or she may be isolated but never lonely. I wonder if the closest we can get to this way of life is as poets.

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