selective focus photography of people sitting on chairs while writing on notebooks


“Excuse me Minister, but how does the government plan to move forward in this crisis?” a journalist asked.

“Well as you can see on the “road map” document in your packs, the government has a clear strategy.”

“But Madame Minister, don’t “road maps” give clear details of a route in order to reach a destination?” another reporter asked.

“Think of it as an outline of a road map that will inform our future efforts,” the official responded.

“Inform, not guide?” a correspondent asked.

“Why yes, it is an outline of a road map which the experts suggest might lead to a breakthrough.”

“A suggestion then? Not a definitive route to the breakthrough?”

“Why that’s exactly right,” the minister said. “It is an outline of a road map, which suggests the options that may inform our future efforts, in accordance with the best assumptions of the presumed experts, and which takes into account several facets of inquiry including the social, cultural, and economic implications of any possible future actions which this government may or may not take in the immediate or more distant future.  I think that about sums it up, and clarifies the issue for you journalists.  There will be no further questions today.  Thank you.”


FOWC with Fandango — Outline


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