Danny had his mind set, he wasn’t going to settle for anything less than a pair of black, high top Chuck’s.  After all, we were taking about reputation here.  If Danny, I mean Dan, was going to be taken seriously, a pair of PF Flyers, even with the wedge, weren’t going to cut it.  And in no way was he going to be seen dead in another pair of those Zayre’s blue canvas things.  It was going to be All Star’s or nothing!

Well the big day came, and Dan made a bee-line for the Sears rather than the Zayre’s and his mom could barely keep up with him.  He went straight to the shoe department and grabbed a pair of the glorious Converses from the shelf, and then sat on the padded stool and stuck his foot in the measuring device.

Mom looked on dumbfounded as Dan asked the saleswoman, “Do you have these in 8 1/2 wides?”

As the woman went into the storeroom, his mother said, ” Danny Jackson, have you gone out of your mind?”

“No Ma’am, I just have my mind made up.””

“But honey did you see the price?  How about some PF Flyers instead?” she offered.

“I got straight A-s just like you and Dad said.  So I’ve kept my side of the bargain,” he said assuredly.

“I just don’t think we can afford it,” she said pleadingly.

“Then make it my birthday present as well,” he said.  “I have to have them, Mom.”

“Could you live with the low tops?” Mom asked gently, as the saleswoman returned.

“I suppose so,” Dan relented.

“I’m sorry, but could we get them in low tops?” Mom asked.

The woman again departed.

“Thank you,” Mom said.

“Okay, I guess,” Dan said.  “I can live with it.”

And live with it he did, even after his feet grew to 9 1/2.  It was a hard day for Dan when he finally had to give-in and chuck his well-worn Chuck’s.




Inspiration Call: Tell a Story About These Shoes



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