Secret Signs

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

“Are you really sure we should be doing this?” Elizabeth asked.

“Liz, we have been cooped up for weeks, and then I had this dream in which I was driving with you and the kids.  I knew the truth then.”

“Truth? What truth?”

“That the government doesn’t really want us to stay at home.  They have even left clues for those of us who are smart enough to see them,” Roger explained.

“What kind of clues?  You are kind of scaring me.  I don’t feel comfortable with breaking the rules.”

“You want clues, well there’s one now.  A government sanctioned, government produced, government posted sign.”

Roger pulled the car onto the hard shoulder near the lake, and pointed at an orange sign.  “It’s the one I saw in my dream last night.  I means ‘Don’t Be Lemmings’.”

“Roger honey, we should go back home now, I think you left your foil hat on the kitchen table.”




Sunday Photo Fiction – May 10 2020


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