A Fortune Told

Psychics, Crystal Ball, Fortune Teller



The Czar called his wizard

To ask what he could see

About his daughter’s future

“Would she make history?”


“Sire, I see two futures:

On a throne as a Purple Queen

Powerful in majesty

But sorrowful in the extreme”


“Princess Aurora will feel such woe

From her eyes of  Dazzling blue

A Trail of Tears will surely flow

Her life an unhappy sorrow”


“What then shall I do?”

The mighty Czar did ask

“Let her follow love instead of power

That will be your task”


“Let her find her own way

This is the thing to do,

Allow her to follow her heart

Which is Tender and True


So the great king did relent

And Aurora her own choices made

Twelve hearty grandchildren for the Czar

She bore and a dynasty was made




dVerse: Take a look at these vegetable names, choose a few, toss them in the rich soil of your imagination, and see what comes up.


Black Beauty

Trail of Tears

Lazy housewife


Purple queen

Jacob’s cattle

The Czar


Golden acre

Dazzling blue

Purple sword

Jack Ice

Reine des Glaces

Blue fire


Tender and true

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