Prince Karl and the Waitress

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Prince Karl was a playboy, and in so many ways a sophisticated lout.   The youngest son of King Sigmund, he had no real concerns.  Karl was not the heir, or even the spare – spare, being the fourth son.

With the aforementioned lack of concerns, having both money and social prestige, he made his way through life in a carousel of endless parties and “A” list affairs.

One evening as he and his entourage arrive at “The Place,” an upmarket club where anybody who’s anybody could be seen, he spotted a green-haired girl with equally green haunting eyes on the other side of the dance floor.  But this was no trust fund endowed socialite, or social media trend-setter.  No, Deidre as a server at the establishment, and when things were really hopping, an assistant bartender.

Karl turned to Conrad, his wing man and official security chief, and said with a wink, “I think I’m in for a little something a green tonight.”

He then made his way across to Deidre and plucked a cocktail off of the tray she was carrying.

“Hey, that’s someone’s order,” she scolded.

“My bad,” he said with his most charming smile.  “My apologies, (ah), Deidre,” he said reading her name from her name tag.   “And my apologies to you as well,” he said to the onlooking patron whose drink he had taken.

“Now Deidre, I think it’s time for us to get to know each other better.  Please will you join me at my private table?”

“Can’t you see I’m working?” she began to snap, and then thinking about the implications for her job if she was seen to be rude to a customer; she softened her tone, and added, “But it’s really nice of you to offer.”

“No problem, My Sweet,” he said and then motioned to the club manager, who swiftly came to the prince’s call.

“Andre, I think Miss Deidre here needs to have a bit of  break.”

“Why of course, Your Highness,” the manager said.  “Deidre, I think an hour’s break is well overdue.”

“Well then, My Sweet, my table awaits,” Karl said putting his arm around her waist and guiding her to his table.

“So Deidre, tell me something about yourself,” Karl said as they got settled in a cushioned corner booth.

“I’m kind of a student,” she said. “Though my mentor calls me her apprentice.”

“Fascinating,” the prince said vacuously, as he placed is hand on her knee and then thigh.

She gently put her hand on his,  to stop its progress, and said, “You seem really sweet, Your Highness, and . . . ”

“Please My Sweet, just call me Karl.”

“Well, okay – Karl . . . If we are really going to get to know each other intimately,” she said stressing the word. “Why don’t you let me make you a really special drink from the bar, and then we can pick up where we left off,” she said, whispering the last phrase seductively into his ear.

“Sounds perfect,” he said sliding his hand to the inside of her thigh.

Deidre gently slid his hand away and stood.  “Back in just a second,” she said, blowing him a kiss.

While she was away, Karl waved Conrad over.  “Get the car ready, I think we will be leaving soon.”

“Very good, Highness.”

Shortly afterwards, Deidre returned carrying a white wine for herself, and a drink as green as her eyes for the prince.

“I’m back,” she cooed.  “I hope you like it.”

As she sat, the prince’s hand shot back to its position on her inner thigh. With his other hand he took a sip, and then a large swallow.

“This is amazing,” he said.  “It’s so different, but wonderful.”

“I’m really happy you like it,” Deidre said.  “I had a word with Andre, and he said I can have the rest of the night off,” she said with a smile and a wink.

Karl immediately signaled Conrad, and rose taking Deidre by the hand to accompany him.

As they got into the car, Deidre immediately said, “Oh, I forgot my bag.  Back in a sec,” and headed back into the club.

Conrad who had been standing next to the car glanced inside the vehicle and dropped the car keys on the ground.  Where Prince Karl had been sitting only a moment before sat a large lime coloured frog.

Deidre grabbed her bag, and exited to club by the employees’ exit, before making her way to her mentor, Madame Esmeralda’s house.

“How was your evening, My Dear?” the sorceress asked.

“Typical Friday night, Auntie.  Typical Friday night.”

As for Prince Karl, he did say that he had expected to be “in for a little something a green tonight.”




Tale Weaver – #275 – Fairytale – The Frog Prince








17 thoughts on “Prince Karl and the Waitress

  1. What twitchy fun. One could see early on that Karl was in for a rough night, but the finish was still a surprise; a strong moral message, as per fairy tale parameters.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A delightful tale! Obviously Karl is related to the verdigris frog I kept on my garden wall whom I dubbed FROG, FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE, named for an admirer who proved himself to be no prince at all!

    Liked by 1 person

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