Tale Weaver

Many people mistakenly believe that books are inanimate objects.  It is amazing how wrong someone can be.

Oh, there are some ardent readers who have had glimpses of the truth, where their own minds and faculties are temporarily possessed by the power of a book.  But it is we authors who know the mystical beings best.

You see, every book has a life of its own.  They are not the product of some feeble human imagination, but organic beings, who once conceived will develop according to their own DNA.  It doesn’t matter how many plot outlines, or preliminary concepts a writer may have.  In the end the book has the final say in its birth.

Next time you are in a bookstore, mindlessly browsing; or just chilling in a library, remember you are not alone.  You are being chosen, often without your conscious awareness to pick up that certain volume.  The biblionoid will have its way!


Tale Weaver – #276 – Books


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