The Landlord

tan house

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“Charles, it’s perfect,” Karen said excitedly.

“It is, isn’t it!” he agreed, reaching out and placing his hand on her well swollen belly.  “It is the perfect place for our little family.”

“And it’s close to the city, so you won’t be away too long each day,” she added though there was no need to convince him further.

“We’ll take it,” Charles said.

“Great,” replied the estate agent.  “There is one stipulation in the lease that I need to make you aware of, however.”

“What’s that?” Karen asked.

“The garden needs tending at least once a week, the perennials managed, and new annuals planted each season.”

“Of course,” Charles responded, almost dismissively.

The baby was born, and life had the usual ups and downs, and in time the garden was no longer a priority.

One Saturday morning there was a sharp knock at the door.

Karen opened the door, but no one could be seen until she looked down to see a red-capped gnome on the porch.

What a shock it was when the little fellow crossed his arms and began tapping his foot impatiently.  “I’m Mr. Wigglesworth, the landlord.  I’m here regarding the garden.”



(195 words)





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