Beautiful Dreamer


“That’s one right moving song, Mr Foster,” the composer’s housekeeper said.

“I don’t rightly know,” Foster retorted, “I don’t need any folks saying I only write dark tunes.  I’d rather have folks singing O Susanna or Camp Town Races, especially with this dang war going on.”

Beautiful Dreamer dark, Mr. Foster?”

“Why just look at the lyrics,” he challenged. “‘Sounds of the rude world
Heard in the day, Led by the moonlight, Have all passed away . . . . Gone are the cares of
Life’s busy throng, Beautiful dreamer, Awake unto me, Beautiful dreamer, Awake unto me.’, Don’tcha see, she is goin’ to be waking to the Lord, she’s finished here below.”

“I didn’t realise,” the housekeeper muttered, “well maybe you should keep to brighter songs like Jeanie.”




Tuesday Writing Prompt:  Use “beautiful dreamer” in a piece of poetry or prose

Beautiful dreamer,
Wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops
Are awaiting thee
Sounds of the rude world
Heard in the day
Led by the moonlight
Have all passed away
Beautiful dreamer,
Queen of my song
List’ while I woo thee
With soft melody
Gone are the cares of
Life’s busy throng
Beautiful dreamer
Awake unto me
Beautiful dreamer,
Awake unto me
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Paul J. Frederick / Stephen Collins Foster
Beautiful Dreamer lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Jeanie with the light brown hair (a song about permanent separation)
Stephen Foster
I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair
Borne, like a vapor, on the summer air
I see her tripping where the bright streams play
Happy as the daisies that dance on her way
Many were the wild notes her merry voice would pour
Many were the blithe birds that warbled them o’er
Oh! I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair
Floating, like a vapor, on the soft, summer air
I long for Jeannie with the day dawn smile
Radiant in gladness, warm with winning guile
I hear her melodies, like joys gone by
Sighing round my heart o’er the fond hopes that die
Sighing like the night wind and sobbing like the rain
Wailing for the lost one that comes not again
Oh! I long for Jeannie, and my heart bows low
Never more to find her where the bright waters flow
I sigh for Jeannie, but her light form strayed
Far from the fond hearts round her native glade
Her smiles have vanished and her sweet songs flown
Flitting like the dreams that have cheered us and gone
Now the nodding wild flow’rs may wither on the shore
While her gentle fingers will cull them no more
Oh! I sigh for Jeannie with the light brown hair
Floating like a vapor, on the soft summer air
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Stephen Foster / Carmen Dragon
Jeanie with the light brown hair lyrics





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