The Terminal

Janet held up the photo she had downloaded, and headed towards the greying brunette standing near the magazine kiosk.

The brunette turned to see her approaching and smiled, offering her her hand.  “Janet?” she asked. “You look just like your photo.”

“And so do you,” Janet said shaking her hand.

“I am really thrilled to be taking this trip,” Elsie said.  “Travelling alone is SSO expensive.”

“It really is a great deal, and I love the fact that the app vets everybody so well.  But, just to check, you’re not an axe murderer are you?”

“No, no, not recently anyway,” Elsie chuckled.

“Well let’s see if this day excursion goes well,” Janet said.

“I am sure it will,” she said.  “But we should be heading to the gate, they just called our flight.”

“I think I’m going to like having you as a FWT,” Janet said.

“FWT?” she replied looking momentarily confused.

“Friends With Tickets, you know, a travel-buddy.”

“Yes, that will be nice,” Elsie said and they set off to the gate.




Tale Weaver – #280 – Tickets


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