Exploring The Unknown

Hall, Factory, Industry, Pforphoto, Factory Building


Wait!” Hal warned.

Placing his hand on the worn handrail, Dillon turned to face his cousin. “Wait for what?” he responded.

“I’m not sure that catwalk can take our weight.  It looks really rickety.”

“Don’t be stupid.  We used it last summer and it was fine,” Dillon challenged.  “You know you can be really annoying with your paranoia.”

“First of all, I’m not paranoid, just cautious.  Secondly, last year we were a year younger, and lighter.  Not to mention that it was a really stormy winter and it looks like the roof is leaking.”

Just then there was the sound of metallic grinding and the handrail gave way under Dillon’s grip.  He jerked away and instinctively jumped towards his cousin, as the entire structure collapsed into the abandoned factory below.

“Maybe we should go explore the Mall instead,” Dillon said catching his breath,

“Good idea,” Hal said.  “Watching girls is a lot more interesting than old buildings.”




Saturday Mix – Double Take:  Homophones

wait – remain in readiness
weight – an amount of heaviness


warn – to advise of a hazard
worn – displaying evidence of use

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