What’s The Matter?

Gulliver came and rested on Thinker’s head, as he often did when making a visit.


“You look somehow different today,” the gull observed.  “Is there something the matter?”


“Oh Gulliver, I am so frustrated and ashamed.”


“Ashamed of what, Thinker?” the bird asked in a compassionate tone.


“So many of my friends stand for such awful things. It makes me wish I was anything but a statue.”


“Yes, but you’re not like that,” Gulliver remarked.


“I don’t know,” Thinkers said.  “I feel I should have done more before it all got crazy like this.  I mean I have spent over a hundred years pondering things, but never gave this issue a moment’s attention.  I think I was just too comfortable in my own position.”


“I think I get you, man.” the gull said sincerely.  “Is there anything I can do?”


“I don’t think so. It is something I need to do myself.”


With all that is going on in the world and with so many people emotionally drained, I want everyone to know I am fully in support of the Black Lives Matter moment, and the struggles for a truly just and equitable society.  I have long held progressive political and social views, and have actively expressed them.  As an author, I need to use my forum to “do it myself.”




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