Of Gates Secure


A sign had been posted on the farm track, and a clear advert from the farmer’s union had appeared in the regional newspapers.  The message was clear, “Please don’t ramble or dog walk on our farms.”  The virus had created a grave social crisis, but even with others supposedly isolating, farmers needed to work in order to feed the nation.  What would happen to the food supply if farmers began to fall ill because of contaminated gates and stiles?

Yet, gates were being opened, and often not closed properly.  And every time a farm worker opened one, they had no way of knowing if it had been infected.  Evie Redding had had enough.  She tied a piece of pink cord onto her gates and used a baling knot that city folk couldn’t easily replicate.  It might not stop the ramblers, but at least she would know where they had been.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #85

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