Song Upon The Wind

Mermaid, Siren, Wallpaper, Hd Wallpaper, Woman

Image by Kool Wallpaper from Pixabay

What is that haunting song upon the wind?

I, like an Ithaca bound mariner

Strain against the mast and bonds

To catch but a single hint


Voice musical upon my ear

Churning desire

Like the foam-sprayed sea itself

As her melody I chance to hear


Siren song enchanting

My soul, it does devour

To hear her very utterance

Makes ecstasy of my hours




dVerse Poetics: Sounding the Siren




8 thoughts on “Song Upon The Wind

  1. Your poem is so lyrical and filled with myth and wave power! I love that you’ve written it from Odysseus’s perspective, and the lines:
    ‘Churning desire
    Like the foam-sprayed sea itself’.

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  2. Spoken like someone to whom the ocean speaks. I grew up in the vast prairie of middle America, far removed from sandy beaches and siren songs. I enjoyed your poem!

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