Battle Of Words

Rap-battle movie surprisingly self-aware - Winnipeg Free Press

image: Wikipedia

I have recently come across a YouTube channel called Epic Rap Battles of History.  I love the use of verbal play and cadence, and how it is employed to teach history and literature on this site.  I cannot personally rap for beans, but I do like the form.  Please check out the links below the poem, there is a lot to explore for those of you unfamiliar with it.

I’m no battler. I lack the flow.

I can’t drop bars; cuz I’m much to slow.

A sonnet or cinquain, their my thing

But I can’t rap – for anything

And it’s like Weird Al, cuz I’m White and nerdy

I am nonetheless a fan of all things wordy

No, it’s more like – a personal thing

Just look at Yahzick, that “nerd” can sing




Epic Rap Battle – Literature:


Epic Rap Battle – History (A bit rude):


Epic Rap Battle – Philosophy  (Warning contains a lot of swearing):


Weird Al:



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