Long Lost and Found

Seaside, Seashore, Seagull, Beach, Sea, Coast, Ocean

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

On a tropical beach by a sea of peacock blue

Site of their honeymoon, and now of Anniversary Two

What seemed a bright idea – 24 months past

To write on a shell of a love that will last

Of children of yet to even be born

They named on that shell on that honeymoon morn

And what do you think today that they see –

As they squat by the tide with a baby’s breath by their knees?

A hermit crab tiny – their child’s name on its home

Little Lotus and the crab together – they snap on their phone




Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #29:

The prompt words an interesting mix. You have these seven words or phrases to work with: tropicalpeacockbaby’s breathbright idealotuspomegranate, and hermit crab. I’ll only require you to use four, but let’s see who rises to the challenge of using them all.

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