Revolution, Protest, Insurrection, Marching, Parade


Americans have Independence Day

For the French it is Bastille

Revolutions and the change they bring

Can turn the world on its head or heel


In England,  Revolution – was Glorious

Not so much on the Celtic Fringe

Glencoe, and the Boyne did show

How on life – changes impinge


Even in France with all the talk

Of things like “Fraternity”

Heads did roll beneath guillotines

In a terror-filled tyranny


And what of Revolution Industrial?

Smokey factories and clearance of lands

Grown men’s employment lost

In favour of cheap children with little hands


Revolutions are tricky things

Oft times mere actions of the mobs

The ideals that inspired them

Are forgotten and end in sobs




dVerse – Poetics-Revolution


4 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Different revolutions, all with different impacts but similar consequences of injury and death. The line about the Industrial Revolution and the child workers caught my eye as well. Many children either died or were injured from factory equipment and parts. They were as well often overworked, only jobs such as factory work or farming taking priority. With revolution, social changes can come and child labor laws were (thankfully) finally put in place.

    This is a fantastic poem outlining the revolutions throughout U.S. and world history. A very enjoyable rhythm as well to read and I love the attention to history and detail here in this piece. It is an excellent take on the prompt for dVerse. Amazing work here!

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