An Immigrant Tale

Cabin, Rustic, Historic, Log, Wood, Rural, Home, House


For five long years they said I’d serve

It ended being ten

For I could not read the indentures

When they handed me the pen

America it did then seem

A prime opportunity

I served my time in Carolina hot

Then it was Pennsylvania then for me

I scratched out a little living there

Got a wife and children – three

Then plucked up the courage to try my luck

Over the hills in Kentucky

Among the Shawnee – I did live

A farm of all my own

Far from old Ulster that had been

My father’s lifetime home





12 thoughts on “An Immigrant Tale

  1. Great evocative writing – you carried me all the way with this one. It had real integrity of emotion I thought and was a real pleasure to read. thank you…

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  2. Loved this, Padre. Mu ancestors traveled from Culpeper Mountain in Virginia to Kentucky for a bit, then into Indiana by the Ohio, then took up bounty land in Missouri, then to Illinois, which became home. Our pioneer ancestors were men of courage and determination!

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