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Image: Andrea Piacquadio

“Forgive you?” Tammy screeched. “How in the hell do you get off asking me to forgive you?  You ruined my life.”

“I really am sor . . .” Dana began.

“No! Don’t you even dare,” Tammy interrupted.

“I really didn’t know,” Dana tried again.

“Did you even bother to ask?  I thought you were my best friend, and then – then you did this.  You are such a bitch.”

“But,” Dana started yet again, now in tears.

“No, in fact we aren’t friends anymore.  I am moving out, and you can get another roommate,” Tammy snapped.   She then stomped off to her bedroom and slammed the door.

A moment later she opened door again and shouted, “You are unbelievable.  You know I love that programme, and you go and tell me how the finale ends, you spoiler bitch.”




Tale Weaver – #285 – Forgiveness

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. While written a bit tongue in cheek, I hope I have captured the essence of what happens without forgiveness. Is our acceptance of apology arbitrary? Is our fury always just? So while, I hope this is a fun take on the prompt, I hope it can be a cautionary tale. Ephesians 4: 31-32


  2. Wow, that is a pretty harsh reaction but I could see it happen. When my daughter was a teen her and her friends would be obsessed with different series and if anyone spoiled it, everyone was mad. I wonder if she will really move out or decide she has overreacted a little, once she has calmed down.

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