It had been a long journey and it was taking its toll on Wayne.  His back ached, and his neck was a mass of knots.  But it was his heavy eyelids that were the real concern.  Five Starbucks’ through the night, and the necessary bladder drains that they had prompted hadn’t helped him on his schedule though.  He knew he should have pulled over and caught some shut eye three counties ago, but this was too important to fall any further behind.  A promise was a promise, especially if it is made to your baby sister.  But now the day was breaking, and the new light was giving him new energy.  He was becoming alive with the light and promise of a new day, and he was going to get to that church, and on time!  What else could a big brother due, especially when he was given his baby sister away?




Tale Weaver – Sunrise


* The method in the story is not encouraged.  I am sure an earlier start, or even a flight might have made it a less risky venture, but a considerably more boring tale.

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