Lesson Of Friendship

Landscape, Mountains, Lake, Sailing Boat, Nature


My nineteenth birthday was spent as part of the volunteer work staff at a Christian camp in Upstate New York.  My primary duty was washing dishes in the kitchens, and in particular the pots and pans.  It was a hot and time consuming job.

Not wanting to make a fuss, and to do my duty, I allowed my birthday to pass away virtually unnoticed.  As I was finishing my shift, one of the supervisors asked if I had had a good day.  I responded by saying it had been busy, but not bad; though it was kind of strange for a birthday.

He said that I should have said something, and they would have done something special.  He then asked if I had ever been sailing.  When I replied that I hadn’t, he took me down to the lake and gave me a private lesson.

A sailing lesson
On a birthday nearly missed
Friendship on a lake




dVerse Birthday Haibun

10 thoughts on “Lesson Of Friendship

  1. Wow, that was AWESOME of your supervisor to do that. So very kind, and I can imagine the impact of that memory alone. It sounds quite beautiful. I as well adore the haiku–very evocative with beautiful detail. It sounds like a happy memory made. ❤

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  2. What a memorable experience for your birthday! The power of kindness can last a lifetime. I’ve always loved doing something completely new or adventurous on my birthday. Sailing sounds exciting.

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