Ritual Expression


Tale Weaver

Bushlands 6 Site – Dig Journal 6 August 2020 CE :

Today professor Carmichael and myself entered the second lateral cavern of the complex.  While we had previously encountered black and ocher images in the main cavern and in the space now designated as Annex 1, we found the south wall of this space (Annex 2) to be completely covered with images.  To our amazement pinks and blues augmented the black and ocher figures.

Carmichael is sure this is a neolithic ritual chamber, and that the black five “fingered” feature near the top of Photograph A, is the representation of hand making offerings to a deity.  He speculates that the pink circular feature above it represents fruit and the ocher cactus shaped feature to its right the source of the fruit.  While analysis of the remaining representations is ongoing, we nonetheless feel confident of the ritual nature of this Annex 2 (Hereafter noted as : “Temple” Annex.)

18 August 1981

“Hurry up man,”  Davy urged.  “The fumes are killing me.”

“Yeah, but it still isn’t quite right,” Tony replied.

“Man, you do my head in sometimes,” Davy complained.

“Will you two hurry up?” Connie called from the bigger cave.  “My mum said I need to be back before Eight.”

“I think that has it now,” Tony said.  “Its just like the pattern I saw when we had those shrooms.”

“Well  – I only saw flashing lights, Dude, and Cons crashed too fast to tell us what she saw,” Davy remarked.

“Guys, I am getting pissed off now. Come on!” Connie bellowed.

“Coming,” Tony called.

“Hey, we need to take those spray cans with us,” Davy said. “My dad will have a cow if he sees they’re missing from his shed.”




Tale Weaver:  “This week compose a story in which on a walk through bushland you discover a cave with mysterious markings on the walls. Write your interpretation of the symbols . . . .”


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