The Misanthrope

Villa, Chateau, Residence, Manor House, Country House



“You need to be gett’n off my property,” Roger Lowell shouted at the men on his porch.

“Mr. Lowell, we’re with the Police, and need a brief word with you.  May we come in?”

“Do it right there, or not at all,” Lowell replied.

“Yes Sir, we can do it that way,” Officer Brown assured him.

“What’s this ’bout?  I bet it’s that damn pith-helmeted scoundrel.  Coming up here pound’n on my door like a fury.”

“Yes, it’s about the postman.  He says you’re bit of a misanthrope.”

“I ain’t no misan-anything.  Don’t care for people much – is all.”




Weekend Writing Prompt #169 – Misanthrope in 99 words







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