That Case (Part 2)

Noir, Evidence, Murder, Offense, Investigation, Police

Виктория Бородинова at Pixabay

“Okay, I know you must have seen the file,” Detective Kowalsky said, “or you wouldn’t be here.”

“Yes, but is there anything you didn’t write?  Any details that you left out, or that seemed out of place, or suspicions you couldn’t substantiate?” Bridges asked.

“More that you want to know,” the old policeman responded followed by a subdued snort.

“Is there something funny?” Bridges asked.

“Not haha funny,” Kowalsky said.

“Come on Curt, what aren’t you telling me?”

“Okay, I’ll take it back to the beginning,” Kowalsky said.

Detective Lieutenant Bridges took out his iPhone and began recording as the old man cleared his throat and sat back on his bed.

“We got a call of a suspected homicide at the old Buttons Bar.  By the time I got there the forensics boys had already tagged everything.  Katherine “Kate” Delano, aged thirty-four was there on the floor.  Her eyes still staring.  Looked like she had tried to phone someone, though no number had been dialed.  She also had a fully loaded pistol.”

“Yeah, I knew about the phone and the gun.  Could someone have phoned her?” Bridges asked.

“Phone company said there were no calls in or out that whole weekend,” Kowalsky replied.  “Her prints were on the receiver though, and on the gun.  On the silencer too, for that matter.”

“Silencer?” Bridges questioned.

“I thought you would have noticed it in the photos. Our Ms. Delano was anything but ‘sugar and spice.’  I still have never worked out why she didn’t shoot or if she just didn’t see it coming.  She was known to be crack shot, and not just on the range – though we were never able to pin anything on her.”

“Snuck up on from behind?” Bridges suggested.

“Doesn’t fit the crime scene, she was aiming at something,” the older cop replied.

“So assailant was known to her?”

“It’s possible, but she didn’t seem to be the trusting type,” Kowalsky observed.  “Whatever the case though, there wasn’t a mark on her body.  Not so much as a print or stray hair.  But she was dead enough.  Coroner said it was like she was frozen to death, but not hypothermia.  Her heart was frozen.  Not a heart-attack – her damn heart was like a block of ice.”

“That’s what I found concerning and it’s why I’ve come to see you.  I’ve got a new ‘unexplained’ in the same neighbourhood, same cause of death, and twenty-five years and just two buildings separating the cases.”


(to be continued)




Sunday Writing Prompt – Choosing your Context: Concerning

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