“Ed – Mate, I really don’t get you.  I am starting to wonder if you listen to a single word I say,” Gareth ranted.

“What?  I did exactly what you said!” Ed challenged.

“Okay.  Tell me exactly what I told you to do.” Gareth replied.

“You said, go into Felixstowe and order a skiff.  Then you said to have it delivered here by noon today.  That’s exactly what you said.”

“Skip!  I said, ‘Order a skip’.”

“Ah – um, skip?” Ed repeated un-surely.

“Yes, a skip so we can clear out the workshop,” Gareth reiterated.

“It is a nice skiff though, don’t you thing?  And I got a really good price,” Ed said after a long pause.

“Skip!” Gareth repeated.




Crimson’s Creative Challenge #92



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