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“Your verbal hygiene is atrocious,” Amy said in disgust.

“What?  Does my breath stink?” Karen said, putting a hand across her mouth to speak. “And isn’t the term supposed to be ‘oral’ hygiene?”

“No, there isn’t anything wrong with your breath.  And ‘verbal’ is exactly what I meant to say.  Do you even listen to the diseased crap that comes out of your mouth?  No wonder you mom named you Karen.”




FOWC with Fandango — Verbal

5 thoughts on “Karen

    • Fair point. The term was originally part of a single stand up comedian’s routine, and then it took on a life of its own in today’s social media obsessed culture. So while I was making a cultural reference I do apologise to actual Karens.


      • And I’m sorry for my quick reaction. From now on my reaction to the use of the name “Karen” will get an equally negative response.
        One of my best and now deceased friend’s name was Karen. One of the most loving and caring person I’ve ever known.
        Thanks for the apology.

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