Wheat Field

Wheat Field, Wheat, Field, Evening Sun, Clouds, Cereals


Wheat field – stands of golden grain

Bread basket –  our lives to sustain

A staff of life – giving us our fill

And yet Wheat field can be a bitter pill


The Wheat field – and the harvesting of grain

But also a harvest of inhuman pain

At Gettysburg  – Sickles – ironic his name

As by his order – a Wheatfield –

Was filled with the slain


Wheat field golden – production of bread

Name associated with life, and the dead




dVerse – Stream of Consciousness Writing

6 thoughts on “Wheat Field

  1. Oh, and the pain for those of us with gluten intolerance! What a journey your poem took me on (also down the rabbit hole to investigate the story of Sickles and the Wheatfield. And oh, what terrible reading that is. Trobriand wrote that the Confederates “converged on me like an avalanche, but we piled all the dead and wounded men in our front.”)

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  2. From Van Gogh’s view from his asylum window to the wheat field of Gettysburg, truly a moving stream of thought. I admit I was not aware of its connection to Gettysburg, and so this occasioned me to do some sobering research. Thank you.

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