Clown, Close Up, Entertainment, Face, Person, Mimic

Painted smile and rubber nose

Over-sized shoes that trod on your toes

Whether at children’s parties

Or the thing of nightmare dreams

You either love them or hate them

Those ever smiling fiends

Ronald and his burgers, or the Jack in the Box

A villain of Gotham, or Bozo’s red locks

A clown, or a jester, or a fool he may be

But I prefer comedians –

That are actually fun-ny



dVerse Clowning Around

*Image – Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Clown

  1. I used to think little kids enjoy clowns, but some of them are terrified. It is hard to erase the John Wayne Gacy memories. I did enjoy Red Skelton and Jackie Gleason clown acts though; more mime than slapstick. See the movie GIGOT with Gleason.

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  2. I like the rhythm and rhyme of this poem which, on the surface seems jolly and fun, but underneath is sinister. I am not fond of clowns; I find them nightmarish and even Ronald McDonald is an ever-smiling fiend.

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