Bygone Promise

Cereal, Countryside, Crop, Cropland




Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #34:

“Today’s challenge is to write on the theme of I Promise. The paint chip words and phrases are sparkle, lapis lazulihoneyrustybrushed aluminum, open sesame, and rolling hills. Please use at least three of these terms . . . .”

I made the promise long ago –

Amid rolling hills and pastures green.

In a field of honey-coloured grain,

The sky blue – lapis lazuli

Witnessed my oath – that a farmer I would be.

But my passion for the land has lost all sparkle

Like the stars – beneath clouds of smoke harmful

The world, now of brushed aluminum and glass –

Of sterile concrete and iron works rusty

Has closed me in.

What shall I do to escape –

To find the land of my promise?

Will it roll back time – and set me free

If I just said, “Open Sesame?”








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