New Horizons

Train, Diesel, Transportation, Business

Jeremy had spent the entirety of is nineteen years in the same town.  Buried deep in the farm-belt Hog’s Knuckle was the backwater of all backwaters.  When he was 15 he had made that one trip to the state fair with the 4H Club, but beyond that he had never journeyed more than twenty miles from “Knuckle.” 

The economic situation in the town was dire, and with the closure of the cannery there seemed to be no hope for any real semblance of life left.  With the longing for a new start in his soul, Jeremy left home a little after nine, being sure to go out the kitchen door as if he were on his way to the barn.  Circling back he picked up the old knapsack he had left by the silo, and headed to the bend on the Billings Line.  By ten he would be on a freight train on his way to new horizons.



Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge:

freight train, longing, and nine

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