yellow boat
MorgueFIle March2020 f70773a9b33f07d676c23fce7a1cace0


They say that there are only two types of people who live in Kipton: “The Haves” and “The Have Yachts.” While there is some truth in the maxim, it doesn’t quite stand closer scrutiny. Take Derick Hughes for instance. He is the dishwasher at the up-market Kipton Grand Hotel, and his meagre wages barely cover his living expenses. That was until, he decided to put the Hotel’s own policy of discarding aprons and gloves at the end of each day to use for his own benefit. Derick gathered the garments and, with a little cleaning, was able to sell them online. In fact, he sold enough yellow Marigold rubber gloves, that he was able to purchase a boat of his own, which he christened Marigold. Yes, in Kipton there are only two types of people.



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