Red-Velvet Future

Red Wine, Fabric, Velvet, Textiles
Red Velvet – Pixabay


What shall the future show –

What do our fortunes hold?

If wishes really do come true –

Surely our fondest dreams will unfold.

It shall be like a new beginning,

A fresh dawn of peace and light

The rising of the dawn’s new sun –

Filled with the morning‘s glory bright.

The future will bring luscious cheer

Thick red velvet – us – softly surround

Cocooned from threats or fears

All adversity to confound.

No more – shall life be terra-cotta baked

Filled with bluffs and lies

But honesty shall bloom afresh

Before our very eyes.



Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #35

The Challenge:

The theme is The Future. The paint chip words and phrases are: morning gloryred velvetterra-cotta, and bluff.  The three angel words are: honestylight, and peace.  Pick at least one of the angel card words to shape your future world and use all four paint chip words as colors.


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